Mytree founders members belong to the same alumni of Kalina Education Society Hans Bhugra School (KES) with a common goal to revolutionize the method of training children by targeting them young and facilitating with both education and vocational skills to further create a model, which can be replicated elsewhere in our nation.

We have a vision to liberate the poor, deprived children who lacks the financial, psychological, emotional and spiritual weakness by intellectually strengthening them through our mission so that we can fuel the future growth of India. We have ventured to fulfill our goal with a small Basti in a village near Pune, through personal engagement and continued concentrated efforts by proving basic amenities and looking forward to carve a better future for the kids of this Basti whose parents are either poor farmers, tribal, casual laborers other than orphan kids staying in ashrams.

Our larger and long-term focus is to convert rural India into self-sufficient units at a faster pace.

The objective is to build the nation by building and empowering an individual.